Making Arab Heads Explode

When trying to solve a mystery and determine who was responsible for a particular act or incident, the first question to ask is cui bono - who benefits?  The question is much beloved by conspiracy theorists, of course. Victor Davis Hanson points out in an insightfully essay titled "The Israeli Spring," that the big beneficiaries of the Arab Spring have to be the Israelis: In terms of realpolitik, anti-Israeli authoritarians are fighting to the death against anti-Israeli insurgents and terrorists. Each is doing more damage to the other than Israel ever could - and in an unprecedented, grotesque fashion. Who now is gassing Arab innocents? Shooting Arab civilians in the streets? Rounding up and executing Arab civilians? Blowing up Arab houses? Answer: either Arab dictators or radical Islamists. The old nexus of radical Islamic terror of the last three decades is unraveling. With a wink and a nod, Arab dictatorships routinely subsidized Islamic terrorists to divert popular anger...(Read Full Post)