Giving Obama Credit Where It Is Due

This pasr Wednesday in Stockholm Obama made the best case for intervening in Syria. When asked if his credibility was on the line he replied that it was the civilized world and America's credibility on the line and not his. Now, this was an obvious attempt to sidestep responsibility for his unbelievably stupid statement that chemical weapons use would be a redline. Obama just wants to weasel free of what he said and is looking to cast blame on everyone he can. But he was right. This is an issue of credibility for America, for the West, and for the civilized world as a whole. For almost 100 years we have declared chemical weapons an infamy and promised retribution for those who use them. And for twenty years we have looked the other way when Arab dictators have used them freely. When people can fly in the face of what the civilized world says it will accept and are not smashed down, it makes what the civilization's word meaningless to the barbarians who run places...(Read Full Post)