Death toll at Nairobi mall climbs to 59

Kenyan police and army units moving through the shattered Westgate Mall in Nairobi continue to find dead and wounded shoppers. The death toll now stands at 59 with 175 wounded. Police are saying that there may be as many as 15 attackers still in the building, armed with automatic rifles and grenades. It is also thought that there are about 30 shoppers still in the mall, trapped and unable to flee. Authorities are saying they don't know if there are any living hostages. BBC: Joe Lenku said 1,000 people had managed to escape from the Westgate centre after the assault by suspected al-Shabab militants. He added that between 10 to 15 attackers were still in the building. It is not known how many civilians remain trapped there - either as hostages or hiding from the militants. The UK Foreign Office has confirmed that three Britons are among the dead, and says the number is likely to rise. French, Chinese, Ghanaian and Canadian citizens are also among the foreigners confirmed...(Read Full Post)