1 in 5 flagged job applicants at CIA hail from terror groups

Gee. You'd think they were interested in infiltrating our intelligence agencies or something. Washington Times: An estimated one-fifth of a subset of all applicants for Central Intelligence Agency positions had significant ties to the terror groups Hamas, Hezbollah and al Qaeda, a newly released document from the Edward Snowden collection revealed Monday. The document -- released by Mr. Snowden as part of his National Security Agency intelligence dump -- said the terrorist groups worked hard to infiltrate America's top security agencies. CIA officials uncovered thousands of applicants, roughly one in five of a subset, with "significant terrorist and/or hostile intelligence connections," the document states, as Ynet News reported. The specifics of those ties were not revealed, but the groups most often cited as attempting to infiltrate the U.S. intelligence network were al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. The NSA, in response, launched investigations into 4,000 instances of ...(Read Full Post)