Where's the anti-war left?

President Obama is about to start his third war, and the anti-war crowd is nowhere to be seen. The problem? The bad economy has caused donations to dry up and besides, no one cares now that a Democrat sits in the White House. BuzzFeed: Some activists argue that it's mostly an issue of money and membership, and not an indication that the left supports Syria intervention. "Among the long-standing peace and disarmament groups that we work with, everybody is angry and pissed about what seems to be an imminent attack," said Kevin Martin, the executive director of Peace Action. "Public opinion is not supporting it either. But you're not going to see hundreds of thousands of people in the street." "I don't think me or Medea or anyone else should be defensive about that," Martin said. "We don't push a button and get hundreds of thousands of people in the streets." Martin blamed the anemic response among peace groups to Syria on the economy, noting that all nonprofits are ...(Read Full Post)