What happened to that 5% unemployment rate promised by the stimulus?

James Pethokoukis has a devastating chart and blog post over at AEI outlining the utter, complete, and total failure of the president's economic policies. On the surface, the July jobs report - the unemployment rate dipped to 7.4% last month thanks to a shrinking workforce as the economy added a disappointing 162,000 net new payrolls - is just another dismal data point in America's "new normal" recovery. But it's also an important milestone and metric for judging the Keynesian fiscal experiment known as Obamanomics. In January 2009, Team Obama economists put together a report - half quantitative analysis, half sales pitch - outlining the potential economic impact of the proposed $800 billion stimulus. (See above chart from that report.) If Congress passed the plan, the report forecasted, the economy would generate enough additional demand, output, and employment that two big things would happen: First, the unemployment rate would never reach 8%. Unfortunately, we hit 10%...(Read Full Post)