Weiner getting hit where he lives

Anthony Weiner's increasingly pathetic campaign for mayor of New York is spawning hilarious mockery on the streets of New York. Weiner and Huma may be able to ignore talking heads on TV and newspaper articles that slam him, but they have a much harder time averting contact with posters plastered around Manhattan like this one: The poster comes from the Funny or Die website, never known for being a conservative organization. Although FOD claims to have "spotted" the posters around Manhattan, as Red Alert notes, they probably created the poster. It doesn't really help Tony's cause, though, if even show biz natural allies see profit in pillorying him publicly. Am I a bad person because I enjoy the suffering of Anthony Weiner? Schadenfreude is not a virtuous emotional orientation. But mockery is also a means of punishing unacceptable behavior. Hypocrisy and lying (never forget that Weiner initially libeled Andrew Breitbart by claiming the tweets Breitbart published were not...(Read Full Post)