WaPo's Strange Math

There is something amiss about the math in a Washington Post/AP article about Israel rejiggering its list of Jewish communities receiving special subsidies ("Israel expands settlement subsidies -- Decision will have "destructive impact" on talks, Palestinians say" Aug. 5, page A8) The lead paragraph tells readers that the Israeli cabinet "expanded its list of West Bank settlements eligible for government subsidies." In the next paragraph, readers are told that the list includes "600 Israeli communities deemed 'national priority areas," expanding an earlier list. 600 favored settlements in the West Bank? Not exactly. The article adds that the list includes poor towns in Israel's outlying areas, "but also dozens of settlements." So from 600 we're now down to "dozens." But we're not done yet. Peace Now, whose sole agenda is to bash Israeli settlements, "said the list approved Sunday increased the number of settlements eligible for subsidies from 85 to 91." From "dozens," we're now...(Read Full Post)