UN WMD investigators come under fire in Syria

After inviting UN investigators to visit the site where a chemical weapon attack occurred, someone, or some people, were upset enough about what they might find that they began sniping at the car the UN investigators were driving in. Associated Press: Snipers opened fire Monday at a U.N. vehicle belonging to a team investigating the alleged use of chemical weapons in Damascus, a U.N. spokesman said. The Syrian government accused the rebels of firing at the team. Activists said later that the team had arrived in Moadamiyeh, a western suburb of the capital and one of the areas where the alleged attack occurred. They said the team was meeting with doctors and victims at a makeshift hospital. Martin Nesirky, spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, said the vehicle was "deliberately shot at multiple times" in the buffer zone area between rebel- and government-controlled territory, adding that the team was safe.   News of the sniper attack came only a few...(Read Full Post)