Three Movies: A Buddy Flick, a Doc, and a Comedy

2 GUNS Directed by Baltasar Kormakur Reviewed by marion ds dreyfus Two guys you wouldn't ordinarily think of teaming.  Two guys known more for serious drama than for comic relief.  But you'd be stunningly wrong. A funky DEA agent and an outsourced naval intel officer find themselves on the run from all sides, "good" guys and bad, after a not very effective attempt to infiltrate a drug cartel.  A severed head of a safe colleague serves as a cautionary tale.  Fleeing, the reluctant partners learn the secret of their shaky alliance: neither knows that the other is an undercover agent.  Mark Wahlberg, faster with a gun and assumed dumbo wit than a dozen regular stage comedians, and Denzel, great as a quick-trig straight man, are both ideal presumed bad eggs haphazardly paired as they supposedly work the drug trade down in Tejas (Texas to you gringos).  They don't much like each other, but the turbulence that results from their barely contained annoyance...(Read Full Post)