The 'race card' is all that the Democrats have in 2014

We saw a preview of the Democrats' strategy when Attorney Genera Holder declared war on Texas over the Voting Rights Act. We remind you that the Supreme Court said that 2013 is not 1965.  Why the Voting Rights Act?  What else are they going to talk to blacks and Hispanos about? Unemployment?  Public schools?  Black on black crime?  Out of wedlock births?  Youth unemployment? High school dropout rates? Crime in minority districts?   All of the aforementioned problems require governing and serious people willing to say things that many people don't want to hear. The strategy for 2014 is to energize blacks and hispanos to show up by reminding them that Obama loves them and the GOP doesn't.   Beth Reinhard has a good post on the importance of turnout without President Obama on the ballot:   "Without President Obama's name on the ballot, Democrats and civil rights leaders increasingly view voting rights as a rallying cry that ...(Read Full Post)