States worried about Obamacare Navigators and privacy

Several state attorneys general have sent a letter to HHS Secretary Sebelius raising concern about the thousands of Obamacare navigators who will be assisting consumers using the state exchanges to purchase insurance. Apparently, HHS is taking numerous shortcuts in vetting these navigators, who will have access to the personal and private information of consumers when helping them to decide which insurance policy is right for them. The Hill: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi argued late Friday that new hires under ObamaCare could threaten the private information of people trying to get health insurance.  Bondi said that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is making it easier for someone to be hired as a so-called navigator, cutting back on background checks and eliminating a fingerprinting requirement, which could make it easier for a person's private information to fall into the wrong hands. "Because of time constraints, HHS [is] cutting back on the...(Read Full Post)