Ruling Class Rules: Getting Kids into the Ivies

Populists of all political persuasions can take delight in an amusing and enlightening essay written by a college applications counselor who spent 15 years getting children of wealthy families into Ivy League colleges. Lacy Crawford has a new novel out, called Early Decision.  In the New York Post, she reflects on the real life experiences that inspired the novel. For many of the children of the most ambitious, wealthiest parents in the city, the college-admissions process begins when a child is 2, with the hiring of a consultant to deliver nursery-school acceptances. Once in school, if the child is slow in any subject, parents hire tutors. If the tutors fail, the parents will knock on doors until they find a learning specialist who agrees to identify a trumped-up deficit in a student's capabilities - in other words, to label the child in some way learning-disabled - after which the parents will force their excellent school to exempt the child from certain obligations, so...(Read Full Post)