RNC will vote to exclude CNN, MSNBC from debates

The Republican National Commttee wil vote on Friday to exclude CNN and MSNBC from hosting GOP debates in 2016. The stated reason is because those two networks are planning Hillary Clinton films. But the real reason is that the films give the RNC the excuse it needs to get a handle on the debates, of which there were 20 in 2012. Politico: The RNC's very vocal outrage over the projects gives party leaders a perfect excuse to do what they've long wanted to do anyway: get some control over a process that led to 20 grueling primary debates last cycle and gave Mitt Romney many chances to get himself into trouble with comments about self-deportation, contraception and the like.   In close contests, debates matter. The outcome of a broader RNC push, launched at this three-day meeting, may mean fewer of them -- starting nearer to the Iowa caucuses and featuring friendlier moderators and gentler questions. RNC Chair Reince Priebus got a bonanza of free media by threatening to...(Read Full Post)