Planes, trains, automobiles, boats, and...the Hyperloop?

I'm not a tech guy by any means but this latest brainchild of Silicon Valley hot shot Elon Musk is way kewl. It's called a "Hyperloop" and will be designed to carry people faster than the speed of sound between cities. If it were anyone else besides Musk, the whole idea could be filed away as fantastical nonsense. But Musk's dreams include a viable commercial spacecraft that has already delivered supplies to the space station. The Telegraph: Mr Musk will not be patenting the design and it will be "open source", meaning anyone can modify it, or try to build it. The fevered speculation about what it would actually look like has ranged from wild theories on Star Trek-style teleportation to more achievable ones involving cars being pushed through vacuum sealed tunnels using magnets. Mr Musk has denied it will be a so-called "vactrain", a concept that is already being pursued by a company in Colorado. His idea "does involve a tube, but not a vacuum tube", he said,...(Read Full Post)