October 16: Rare Opportunity to Win One for We the People

Though I was apprehensive upon hearing Obama tell Joe the Plumber during the 2008 election that he wanted to spread the wealth around, I understand America's extremely emotional response to electing its first black president.  White America naively thought, Finally: we can never be called a racist nation again. My 100-year-old black grandmother wept.  Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined a colored man sitting in the president's chair in the Oval Office. But little did America realize that the beautiful, articulate, shiny golden black man that they opened the gates of our country was really a socialist/progressive far-left radical liberal Trojan horse. Once he'd gotten inside, a hidden door opened in Obama's ankle, and out poured his army of anti-America minions, programmed to use every branch and division of the federal government to implement Obama's extreme agenda and destroy all opposition. I know.  Such strong accusations sound like...(Read Full Post)