Obama cancels Putin meeting over Snowden

If Snowden had left the Moscow airport and gone to Venezuela or some other country, I don't think Obama would have canceled the summit with Putin. But Obama has to show our intel people that he has their backs and this is the most demonstrable way he can prove that. The Hill: President Obama has canceled a meeting in Moscow next month with Russian President Vladimir Putin to protest that country's decision to give Edward Snowden temporary asylum.  Obama still plans to attend the Group of 20 summit in St. Petersburg but will not sit down for a previously scheduled meeting with Putin in Moscow.  "Following a careful review begun in July, we have reached the conclusion that there is not enough recent progress in our bilateral agenda with Russia to hold a U.S.-Russia Summit in early September," White House press secretary Jay Carney said in a statement on Wednesday.  "Russia's disappointing decision to grant Edward Snowden temporary asylum was also a factor...(Read Full Post)