NYT Perfumes Palestinia​n Aggression

On Tuesday, Aug. 20, Israeli troops entered a Jenin neighborhood in the West Bank to arrest a member of the Islamic Jihad terrorist group suspected of planning drive-by shootings of Israeli civilians and soldiers. However, before they could accomplish their mission, the Israeli soldiers ran into a live-fire ambush by armed Palestinians who shot at them from rooftops and other cover. The Palestinians also piled on with rocks, firecrackers and explosive devices. In returning fire, the Israeli team killed one Palestinian, while also managing to arrest the Islamic Jihad terrorist. Two Israeli soldiers were injured, as well as two other Palestinians. How does a newspaper report such an incident? It would seem that the proper and logical way to communicate what happened is to make clear to readers who started the exchange of fire -- in this case, Palestinians attacked Israeli security personnel -- and who then was forced to engage in defensive actions. But not at the New York Times,...(Read Full Post)