Liberty Amendments debuts at #1 on NYT bestseller lists

Disturbing news for progressives in the newest list of bestsellers, as compiled by the New York Times. Mark Levin's new book, The Liberty Amendments, has debuted at the number one spot in both lists of nonfiction bestsellers: hardcover, and combined hardcover and ebook.  This places the specter of a popular revolt against the last century of expansion of the federal government through amendment and judicial decree right on the Sunday morning breakfast tables of progressives. Worst of all from the progressive supremacists' viewpoint, because Levin lays out a path to restore the liberty our founders bequeathed us through control of state governments, and their never-used capacity to amend the Constitution without federal involvement, the plan has a chance of working. Already, left wing powerhouses like unions are starting to focus more on statehouses, dimly aware that countervailing pressures were designed into our Constitution when the federal government becomes oppressive (as...(Read Full Post)