Latest NYT Denunciation of Israel

Jodi Rudoren, the Jerusalem bureau chief of the New York Times, is not exactly in sync with Israelis who go about their business and shrug off the chaos and turmoil in neighboring Arab states. As she makes clear in an Aug. 29 dispatch about how Israelis take in their stride the bloody and sickening upheavals next door ("Amid Chaos Israelis Take A Stoic View" front page). Israelis, she writes remain preoccupied with the start of the school term, the finale of a popular TV show and preparations for the High Holidays, content to leave bigger problems to other people. For the most part, the article, based on interviews with two dozen Israelis, pretty much reflects a current mood, although a careful reading leaves the impression that this mood doesn't exactly suit Rudoren. In fact, there comes a point in the article where Rudoren abandons any and all pretense of objective journalism and lets fly at Israelis who draw a sharp and vivid contrast between their own progressive society and the...(Read Full Post)