Iran's nuclear shot in the arm

The Obama Administration has actively pursued a Progressive crusade to shred the Constitution, disarm the general public, destroy the middle class though excessive taxation and deliberate over regulation, enroll and encourage millions of American to become life long government dependents, shutter NASA, destroy the world's finest healthcare delivery system, and muzzle political dissent though the misuse of federal agencies. He has also funneled hundred of millions of tax dollars into the hands of most virulent and despicable religious zealots on the planet, demoralized and ruthlessly undercut the war fighting ability of  the US armed forces; all the while deliberately spewing forth outrageous lies and Kafkaesque fabrications about every damn political issue, every damn minute, of every damn day. And now the really bad news. From the Daily Mail online: Zimbabwe has signed a secret deal to supply Uranium to Iran for its controversial nuclear programme, according to a senior...(Read Full Post)