'Impoveris​hed' Gaza feels Pinch of fewer Mercedes-B​enz Sales

Hamas-ruled Gaza is feeling the ripple effects of the ouster of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and the decimation of the Muslim Brotherhood. The new military ruling regime accuses Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, of fomenting anti-Egypt attacks in Sinai. In turn, Cairo has put a noose around the only land crossing from Gaza into Egyptian Sinai and blocked most tunnels that Gaza used as a lifeline to the outside world. William Booth, the Jerusalem correspondent of the Washington Post, has a lengthy article about this development in the Sunday, Aug. 25 edition: "Morsi's ouster deals a blow to Hamas in Gaza -- Egypt closes tunnels that aided the militant Islamist organization," page A14. One could point out to Booth and Post editors that the "militant Islamist" label hardly does justice to Hamas. Instead of euphemistically "militant," Hamas actually is a terrorist organization that has killed numerous Israelis in pursuit of a genocidal agenda to erase the Jewish state....(Read Full Post)