'Hate crimes' are 'thought crimes'

There are precious few crimes, especially murders, that can be classified as "love crimes." In my opinion, the psychological intent or the mind state of the person committing the murder is already summed up in our criminal code with reference to degrees (first degree, second degree, manslaughter, etc). If the person intended with forethought to visit bodily harm resulting in the death of an innocent person for reasons not related to self defense, that perpetrator committed murder. Period. It is immaterial whether the perp is a racist or whether the perp is Mother Teresa. To assign an instance of the wanton deprivation of another's life as more or less severe simply because the perp was a racist  and/or did it out of racial spite is superfluous. The reasons behind premeditation are immaterial. Premeditated murder is premeditated murder. When society assigns the gravity of premeditated murder as dependent on the mind state of the premeditator, you are...(Read Full Post)