Good news: San Diego's serial groping mayor already finished with 'therapy'

He's cured! San Diego's serial sexual harrassing Mayor Bob Filner entered "therapy" a week early and will complete the two week program today, says his spokesman. Unfortunately for Filner, it may be too late. A source at city hall says that the locks to the doors of the mayor's office have been changed which could either be a subtle hint from his staff that he should take a permanent vacation, or Filner has already decided to step down but is waiting to announce it an an opportune time. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's chief of staff confirmed to 10News that the mayor began his therapy a week early and has already completed the program, but a statement from his attorneys said he will finish his therapy Saturday. On Friday afternoon, Chief of Staff Lee Burdick told 10News reporter Allison Ash that Filner began his two weeks of "intensive" therapy one week earlier due to "intense media coverage." In a press conference in late July, Filner said he would begin his two-week therapy...(Read Full Post)