Egyptian police mow down pro-Morsi supporters

It's certainly easier to shoot a demonstrator than listen to what he has to say. That, apparently, is now the position of the government of Egypt. You know - the government that came to power in a military coup that Obama says wasn't really a real military coup? Tiring of the sit in protests against the government's ousting of the elected president, the police moved in to end the demonstrations once and for all, and in the process, set off a massive wave of violence that is shaking the country. Washington Post: Egyptian security forces stormed two sprawling sit-ins by supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi shortly after dawn Wednesday, killing dozens of people and igniting a wave of violent clashes across the country. A health ministry official, Hamdi Abdel Tawab, said 55 people were dead and at least 562 injured in violence across the country. The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, which backs the ousted president, put the death toll at more than 2,000. The...(Read Full Post)