Effort begins to sell Obamacare to the public

The push to sell Obamacare to Americans got underway yesterday - in honor of the president's birthday. Volunteers with Obama's foot soldiers, Organizing for America, held small scale rallies in a couple of dozen cities and towns. Politico: A race to define Obamacare to the masses began today between the stacks at the Centreville Library. Over pizza in Decatur, Texas. And with a glass of wine in Naples, Fla. Dozens of communities around the country hosted pro-Obamacare events, convened by the president's foot soldiers at Organizing for Action. The series is the first salvo in what is fixing to be a month of high-stakes health care spin. When Congress returns from its summer recess in early September, there will be less than a month until Obamacare's most sweeping coverage programs start signing up customers in new health insurance exchanges. In the meantime, pro- and anti-Obamacare advocates are plotting to fill the silence any way they can.   That means gatherings...(Read Full Post)