Dramatic story of political 'gun violence' is ignored by the gun-grabber media

The extent of the transformation of our mass media into a mere propaganda apparatus can be gauged by the black hole treatment given to a story that pushes all of the buttons needed for wall-to-wall treatment, save one: the villain is a member of victim group acting on behalf of left wing causes. The shooting at the Family Research Council last year has been consigned to obscurity by the MSM. One favorite meta-narratives of the propaganda media is that crazy right-wingers all over the country are hording guns in order to use them on innocent victims. This framework can be imposed on incidents of crazy people shooting others almost indiscriminately. The archetype is Jared Loughner's attack on a Gabrielle Giffords event, where the media rushed to blame Sarah Palin because a map she had distributed used a target logo on the Giffords' district. Immediately presuming that Loughner had even seen the map (he hadn't) and that the mere sight of such a visual metaphor could incite a murderous...(Read Full Post)