Dems devoutly wish McConnell wins primary

I don't think the Democrats are whistling past the graveyard either. They genuinely think that McConnell is vulnerable - especially when they have a young, centrist woman who has already won statewide to challenge him. Kentucky's Democratic Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes is expected to be extremely well funded and without much of a primary challenge. McConnell will have plenty of cash, but will have to spend heavily to beat his announced primary opponent, Tea Party favorite Matt Bevin. The Hill: Bevin's biggest obstacle will be to raise money for his campaign, as many business groups and political action committees will steer clear of the race for fear of offending McConnell, one of the nation's most powerful Republicans.Democrats have subtly tried to influence other Republican primaries, such as last year's contest in Missouri. But strategists predict Democratic donors and groups will stay away from Bevin."It would be an absolute disaster for McConnell to lose in ...(Read Full Post)