Christie slams 'debating society' Republicans

At a Republican National Committee meeting, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made it clear that he was giving serious consideration to running for president in 2016 and laid down some ideas about what his thinking is going into the campaign. Time: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie laid out his ideas for saving the Republican Party at a gathering of the Republican National Committee on Thursday, in remarks that offered sharp criticism of rival Republicans and a window into his own potential 2016 platform. Christie spoke at length about his record in New Jersey, emphasizing accomplishments like teacher benefit reform and bringing down the Garden State's budget deficit. Christie's remarks were closed press, but multiple guests provided quotes and recordings. "He was highlighting his record in New Jersey, what he has next for his campaign, and his plans for his second term," said former Romney strategist Russ Schriefer. According to several sources, Christie's remarks...(Read Full Post)