Government unions flex muscles

Big labor is threatening to strangle the liberal San Francisco Bay Area in order to protect the principle that government workers should be insulated from the effects of rising medical costs and enjoy generous pensions to which they contribute nothing. Led by the ultra-leftist SEIU, the biggest union representing workers at BART and a progressive movement powerhouse, big labor orchestrated the Bay Area organized left to march and demonstrate at BART headquarters in Oakland Thursday night. Brittny Mejia and Kristin Bender of the Oakland Tribune report: Minutes after BART union employees held a raucous rally and marched through downtown, union leaders issued a 72-hour notice that they may walk off their jobs at midnight Sunday. The news came shortly after about 400 BART workers and their supporters, including actor Danny Glover, chanted for union solidarity, equal pay for minorities, women and older workers and an immediate contract.  The unions are demanding 4 years of...(Read Full Post)