Are these people crazy?

Take a look at these 4 people. Notice anything unusual about them? They may be among the craziest people in America. Those four, and several more nutcases, are competing in a primary today in Detroit to decide who will be on the ballot in November running for mayor. So why would anyone want to be mayor or a city council member in Detroit? And why would a voter take the time to stop at the polls and cast a ballot in today's primary election? Only because it could be a pivotal moment in the city's history and Detroit's resurgence could depend on who's represented during and after the emergency manager's reign and the election could have massive implications surrounding racial dynamics and the viability of write-in mayoral campaigns in the future. Still unconvinced it matters? For the first time in nearly 100 years, Detroit voters today will start to choose their council representatives by district, rather than at-large. Some believe that presents a opportunity for impactful...(Read Full Post)