Zimmerman's Civil Rights

It's been a few days after what was supposed to be the biggest Civil Rights case since the OJ trial. How funny is that? A black guy living what Liberals would call a "white" life was freed, and during the time of a white president, and it was a considered a civil rights event. It would only seem fair that a "white Hispanic" would be freed during the time of America's first black president? The New Black Panther Party proved to be all talk. They sent two "delegates" to FL to make sure that Trayvon Martin's family would have protection from all those "white Hispanics" who might want revenge. That white Hispanic Mafia can be bad news apparently. The lamestream media remains at the ready, mobile units doing drive-bys in black neighborhoods, hoping for the violence they and the Obama administration ginned up. Thankfully the media can always rely on the murder of blacks by other blacks, as those non-sensationalized crimes continued as scheduled the night of the verdict; and since then....(Read Full Post)