WaPo ignores Sharp Criticism of Kerry by Senior Palestinia​n Officials

In its July 22 edition, the Washington Post runs an AP dispatch about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's forecast of difficult hurdles ahead in negotiations with the Palestinians and his commitment to submit any peace agreement to a public referendum ("Netanyahu stresses difficulty of any talks" Page A10). Nothing remarkable about the piece, which focuses exclusively on Israeli comments about prospects for resumption of negotiations. But why no corresponding report on Palestinian reactions in the Post's borrowed AP piece? The answer, according to the seventh paragraph: "Palestinian officials were silent Sunday." Oh, really? The paper's explanation, it turns out, is an utterly mendacious assertion. Far from total Palestinian silence during the July 21 news cycle, there were lots and lots of comments from high-level Palestinian officials, all of them contradicting Kerry's announcement that he had achieved a basis for resumption of negotiations and that Palestinian...(Read Full Post)