Unions screwed by Obamacare

Why in heavens name did the public employee unions so aggressively support Obamacare? They ignored the basic fact that elected politicians, facing an avalanche of grossly underfunded health insurance retirement plans, quickly realized that Obamacare was the perfect excuse for state and local governments to drop their Cadillac health benefits plans. There never will be a clearer case of union lemmings happily leaping off the cliff of liberal ideology. From Fox News: Retired city workers are asking a judge to block Mayor Emanuel from making them rely on Obamacare for their health insurance. This affects most city retirees and it underscores how, after decades of grotesque financial mismanagement, the only choices left are painful ones. When Mayor Emanuel sent letters announcing the change last month to about 24,000 retired city workers, the watchdog Civic Federation praised the move, saying it could eventually save taxpayers $70 million or more each year. But Underwood [who is a...(Read Full Post)