'This Time': America's Great National Tragedy, Gettysburg Edition

A hundred and fifty years ago this week occurred the Battle of Gettysburg.  Millions of trees have been turned to paper, and the Great Lakes' worth of ink has been consumed concerning this battle.  The strategy and tactics are passionately argued to this day.  West Pointers visit the battlefield annually to learn how to use ground.    During his first term of enlistment in the U.S. Air Force, this writer read almost everything he could find about the Civil War.  It was a Romantic war, fought during the Romantic era.  Though the knights did not wear shining armor, they were still noble.  General Lee especially seemed to be the perfect soldier: handsome, daring, religious, and successful...well, at least until Gettysburg.  Even his faithful horse Traveler was brave.  "Though we should have never fought it," wrote the incomparable Shelby Foote, "because we are Americans it became the greatest war ever fought and our generals...(Read Full Post)