The unlikely hero of Egypt?

Egypt is a wreck of a country, so unable to feed itself that the Muslim Brotherhood foundered on the rocks of economic reality after winning the country's first democratic election by a bare majority. At a distance, Americans fail to perceive the stark near-starvation that is the lot of a huge percentage of Egypt's population. Morsi's MB governance strangled foreign tourism, the one major source of the hard currency Egypt needs to be able to import enough wheat and fuel to avoid mass starvation. So how will a post-Morsi government avoid the same fate? David P. Goldman (aka, Spengler), in an insightful and fact-filled essay on Egypt, nominates the unlikelist of heroes: Saudi Arabia, and more specifically, Prince Bandar, chief of intelligence for the past year, and for 22 years, Saudi's ambassador to the United States: Egypt's people embraced the military because they remember that the military used to feed them. In fact, the military probably can alleviate the food crisis,...(Read Full Post)