The miniscule upside

Wattsupwiththat notes the mind boggling idiocy of the President's war on coal: the reality is that Chris Hope, an ardent supporter of the War on CoalTM, using the most optimistic (and unattainable) assumptions, says that IF we win the War on Coal and we put hundreds of people out of work and increase the cost of electricity for poor and wealthy alike (although obviously, Obama and his rich pals don't care about the cost increase), here's our prize. Here's what Chris Hope says we've bought for the all the pain and suffering: In the year 2100 the world might be 0.02°C cooler. Two hundredths of a degree in a century. Maybe. That's the prize. That's what Chris Hope has proudly announced will be the reward for the job loss and the pain and suffering of the poor. Two hundredths of a degree of cooling. An amount that is far below our ability to even measure ... Me, I think that that one fact alone should be our emblem and our rallying cry in opposition to this gob-smacking lunacy. So...(Read Full Post)