The 'economy tour': It happens every time his polls drop

It happens every spring or maybe every summer or maybe every time that the Obama approvals start dropping.  Like Willie Nelson, President Obama is "on the road again".  Get ready for another economic tour - another round of speeches about how his agenda is tied up by that GOP that does not care about poor people, children, grandmothers and everybody else. Hopefully he won't use that bus "Made in Canada" this time around.  We just learned that President Obama will unveil his new economic agenda: "With major battles looming in the fall over the federal budget and the debt ceiling, President Obama is trying to regain the initiative, embarking on a campaign-style tour of the Midwest this week to lay out his agenda for reinvigorating the nation's economy, administration officials said Sunday. " Does this guy know that he's been president for the last 5 years?  or that he passed a "stimulus" in the spring of 2009? ...(Read Full Post)