The death of two political originals

We just heard that former Governor William Scranton died. Just the day before, we learned that Lindy Boggs passed away.  They were both in their late 90s.  I remember both of these political figures. I don't think that they make them like that anymore. Scranton was a RINO before we knew what RINOs were, and Boggs was one of those Southern Democrats that went out of business with President Nixon's Southern Strategy.   Boggs was really unique and i used to love her accent.  She was elected to the House after her husband was presumed dead when a plane was lost in Alaska.  She was also the first woman to preside over a national convention in 1976, the year Jimmy Carter was nominated by the Democrats. Her daughter is Cokie Roberts of ABC News and her son is a lawyer and lobbyst. Scranton had a very distinguished career.  He was elected governor of Pennsylvania.  He challenged Barry Goldwater in '64 and then he was a foreign...(Read Full Post)