The Bullet that Brought My Father to America

The debate on amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants brings to mind something that happened to me when I was 16.  I was standing behind my father when he happened to be putting on his pants. For the first time, I noticed a gash in the back of his left leg about half way between his knee and his ankle. "What's that," I asked, and he answered "Why, that's my bullet hole. It brought me to this blessed country and saved me from the Holocaust. "Your bullet hole," I exclaimed. "How and when did you get it, and what has it got to do with your leaving Russia and coming to America?" He told me this tale:  He was born in 1900 in Meziboz, in the Ukraine. It took five years for the 1917 Russian Revolution to come to an end, and during that period the Czarist Whites, the Communist Reds, and the Cossacks fought over Meziboz incessantly.  One day the Red Army would enter, hand my father a rifle, and order him to fight for the Communists. A few days later the White...(Read Full Post)