Subway bureaucrats rip out flowers planted 'without permission'

DC Metro bureaucrats ordered flowers planted at the Dupont Circle station  by the "Phantom Planter" ripped out because the performance artist didn't have permission to plant them. The story has some other permutations as well. Metro officials promised to consult neighborhood associations about what to do about the flowers but never followed through. And they threatened the nature lover who planted the flowers with jail if he tried to care for them. Washington Post: The transit system regularly pleads poverty, yet employees devoted supposedly valuable time to remove more than 1,000 morning glories, cardinal flowers and cypress vines that Docter donated to the city -- albeit without permission. The plants would have bloomed from August to October in a patriotic display of red, white and blue. Instead of greenery today and colors to come, the 176 flower boxes along the top stretch of the escalators at the station's north entrance now feature dirt, a few straggling stems and...(Read Full Post)