Records of Christine O'Donnell tax snooping disappear

The Washington Times is reporting that computer records showing how often Delaware state officials accessed former GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell's tax records were probably destroyed. The revelations to Sen. Chuck Grassley's office came Tuesday as the Treasury Department's inspector general for tax administration, the government's chief watchdog for the Internal Revenue Service, formally reopened its investigation into the matter by re-interviewing Ms. O'Donnell. "It is an active investigation now," Ms. O'Donnell told The Washington Times after meeting with the same Treasury agent who first informed her in January that her tax records were improperly accessed. She declined to be more specific about what the agent questioned her about in Tuesday's session. But Mr. Grassley, an Iowa Republican who serves on the Judiciary and Finance committees, said he was concerned by the information Delaware state officials shared with his investigators. Specifically, Mr. Grassley's...(Read Full Post)