Privacy group to file emergency petition with SCOTUS to halt NSA snooping

Since Congress refuses to do anything about NSA surveillance programs, a privacy group headquartered in Washington will do it for them. The Hill: A Washington, D.C.-based privacy rights group confirmed to The Hill that they will file an emergency petition with the Supreme Court on Monday in an effort to shut down the National Security Agency's (NSA) gathering of domestic telephone records. The Electronic Privacy Information Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit group, said the "exceptional circumstances" surrounding the NSA program requires an immediate response from the nation's highest court.   EPIC argued that it can't go the traditional route through the court system because the lower courts have no authority over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which monitors the NSA programs. A handful of other law suits were filed in the aftermath of the NSA revelations, but EPIC's executive director, Marc Rotenberg, told the New York Times, which first reported the move,...(Read Full Post)