Pretty-Boy Dzhokhar

Rolling Stone's turning Dzhokhar Tsarnaev into a dreamy-eyed cover boy is an indication of the liberal societal tendency to turn evil into good.  Twenty years ago, the hip-hop culture redefined bad as cool. Left-wing philosophy suspends all values and reminds us that antagonistic liberalism would sooner turn reality on its head and advocate a killer as if he were a saint.  This is indigenous to the liberal mind, which depends on contrarian thinking and reversing values so that going against the grain of tradition is a mark of mock intellect.  To a Democrat, it is a fault to agree with historical ideas, while criticism of them is considered Ivy League-type intelligence.  It is what we did during the Vietnam War when we criticized the military-industrial complex even though few of us knew much about the genesis of that war. And yet Rolling Stone feels superior to conservatives in its distortion of reality.  Those of us who object to Dzhokhar's...(Read Full Post)