Poll: Public interest in Zimmerman trial 'modest'

Can we admit that the Zimmerman trial was a media event foisted on the public? Despite constant flogging in the media and race grievance industry, the public just isn't that interested in the George Zimmerman trial. So say the folks at Pew: The final days of the trial of George Zimmerman, which concluded July 13 with a verdict of not guilty, attracted relatively modest public interest overall. In a weekend survey, 26% say they were following news about the trial very closely. This is lower than interest in the initial controversy over Trayvon Martin's shooting when it erupted last year. In March 2012, 35% said they followed news about Martin's shooting very closely. Viewers were bored, turned off, or just convinced this was a nothingburger hyped up for political and commercial reasons. The entire public narrative of Trayvon Martin, angelic child with candy gunned down by racist white-enough guy has been manufactured, and it appears a segment of the public has caught on and...(Read Full Post)