Obama's Sordid Survival Strategy

We have a president engaged in the most cynical kind of politics, harming the country to maintain his own power and influence.  The media claque that undergirds his waning influence paint a happy face on the ugly reality of this administration.  A few clear-eyed columnists manage to break through the commentariat clutter and tell the truth about what is really going on.  Rich Baehr, AT co-founder, today lays out President Obama's current political strategy with an unflinching gaze at PJ Media. It is not a pretty picture.  A sample: Every month, it seems, the president convenes a meeting of liberal bloggers to give them their newmarching orders on how to sell  that "all is well" with Obamacare and we just need to give it a little more time before everyone recognizes its greatness. Writers like Jon Cohn and Ezra Klein have been shilling so long and so hard for Obamacare that they are at least as invested in its success as the president is. Whenever there...(Read Full Post)