Obama 'Pivots' to Knox College

Our president is apparently making yet another "pivot" to jobs and the economy.  He is planning to make a series of speeches to cover his new ideas for resurrecting the U.S. economy from the doldrums which it has called home for the past five years. The first of these speeches is scheduled to take place at Knox College, located in Galesburg, Illinois, a bucolic small town about thirty miles to the northwest of Peoria.  It is small enough to require only 257 government employees for everything -- police, fire, libraries, and so on.  Galesburg's major claim to fame is that it was the birthplace of Carl Sandburg.  Got the picture? Professor Tim Kasser, a faculty member at Knox, is featured on the first page of Knox's website.  He describes his approach to education at this liberal arts institution, which has between 1,300 and 1,400 students, this way: I study the problems associated with materialistic values that favor money, image, and status: these...(Read Full Post)