NYT Exposes Powder Room Plan for Israeli Women Lawmakers

In breathless prose, at the top of the international page no less, the July 12 edition of the New York Times regales readers with a whiff of scandal at Israel's Knesset -- plans for a powder room for the 27 women parliamentarians so they can freshen up for TV cameras. ("Powder Room In Parliament? Israelis Scoff" page A4) There is nothing wrong with a newspaper occasionally finding a laughable topic, a spicy chuckle, about the high and mighty. It can make for a good read, as the saying goes in the news business. But "Salongate" at the Knesset doesn't exactly qualify. Instead, it's a silly concoction unworthy of high-school-level journalism. Given the Times' overall hypercritical coverage of Israel, one can only conclude that the paper's Jerusalem correspondents, having exhausted their regular supply of Israel-bashing topics, stretched a bit lower and came up with what is essentially a non-event. Jodi Rudoren, the Times' Jerusalem bureau chief, and correspondent Irit Pazner Garshowitz...(Read Full Post)