Maryland, and others, gets the 'hope and change' that they voted for

For the record, I went to college in Maryland.  It is a very nice state and they have a wonderful baseball team.   Unfortunately, I always voted for the guy who lost the election in Maryland.   Today, we learned that Maryland employers are cutting back hours. In other words, the "digestion of ObamaCare" is underway. This is from a TV report in next door Delaware: "It appears large employers are struggling to adapt to the provisions of Obamacare, and frustration is building as reality sets in. "One piece of legislation that has made changes already - employers cutting employee hours," licensed insurance consultant Chris Keen of Keen Insurance Associates said. By 2015, employers with at least 50 full-time, 30-hour employees will be required to provide health insurance or pay a hefty $3,000 fine for each uninsured employee. Insurance experts worry it could create some friction between the employer and employee.   "We've seen employers starting to cut...(Read Full Post)