Let's Debate Prop 8

Key differences exist between the intents of the Defense of Marriage Act (passed 1996) and Proposition 8 (passed 2008).  I filed an amicus brief supporting Proposition 8 in Hollingsworth v. Perry, but I did not file an amicus brief defending DOMA in the Windsor case. I am the son of a lesbian.  I was raised by a lesbian with the help of her female partner between the ages of two and nineteen (1973-1990).  I am also bisexual, and a father.  After a lifetime in the gay community and a great deal of research beyond my own experience, including interviews with other children of same-sex couples, I had concluded by January 2013 that children have a fundamental human right to be raised by a mother and father. It is clear that Californians, who had passed domestic partnerships for same-sex couples, passed Proposition 8 not out of animus.  They passed Prop 8 out of an honorable concern for the welfare of children.  Therefore, I defended Proposition 8 and call...(Read Full Post)